Sit back and enjoy your free time on a whole new level.

There is a huge gap between a simple TV installation and a Home Cinema. For many of our customers the perfect fit is a Media Room. This allows you to easily control, listen to and view your media in the finest quality perfectly embedded in one place; from streaming movies to good old fashioned DVD collections and Game Consoles.

There is no prescription here, we have solutions for every design and pocket. We will happily work alongside your interior design wishes to create a space to lose yourself in.

Sound is a huge part of entertainment and we can provide a whole range of sound solutions from statement speakers that perform on a visual level as design pieces or integrated with art coverings of your choice, to invisible speakers embedded in your walls or ceilings. Sound dampening technology can be used to perfect the acoustics and ambience of your room.

Just a TV

Stand alone TV, support it with a Soundbar.
Using the latest technology from LG Screens matched with the best Soundbars available.
Simple Solutions

Media Room

Creating a stylish, dynamic, ultra-HDTV and truly immersive surround sound set-up is a genuine solution for anyone seeking an amazing AV experience.
Elegant Solutions

Home Cinema

Projectors, bigger pictures, sounds that thrill. Rooms that make you want to snuggle up and take your breath away.
Awesome Solutions

A TV in a bright room

Solutions for Control

The options for visual entertainment are hugely inspiring. We can provide
the technology that respects  your budget, all seamlessly integrated with
easy, intuitive and reliable controls selected according to your preferences.

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