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Family Home

The sleek and very precise design of the various  TVs and speakers is something which they have become renowned for over decades. When combined with uber-contemporary kitchen design, architecture which echoes influences of Bauhaus pavilions and expansive flat panels of purest white, then one could easily feel that the result couldn't be further away from a cosy family home.

The polar opposite is true of this family home.

Bernard Dickinson commissioned a full home Audio / Video system with Lutron lighting control when this family home was first built in 2007. Sme years later the client wanted to open up their living space, involving significant construction work to extend the rear of the property, and effectively doubling the ground floor footprint. The challenge for the team at Bernard Dickinson was to extend the existing Lutron lighting system to control the additional lighting and whilst adding Lutron automated blinds into the mix.

Stunning full height sliding glass panels open to bring the walled garden right into the home and bathe the ground floor in natural light; it's definitely not a conservatory or modern take on an orangery, this is carefully executed architectural design that has created an exceptional living space.

Controlling this light, in a manner that compliments the architecture, is a task perfectly suited to Lutron and their world-leading shading solutions. Effortlessly controlled via iPad or remote, the elegant shades reveal in unison from concealed ceiling housing - effective when deployed, invisible when not required.

Our client's personal taste is definitely modern, yet their carefully chosen furnishings and colour schemes soften hard surfaces and have created a home which exudes warmth and character.

The experience also extends outside, with outdoor speakers introduced to the walled garden.

"This is a project of which Bernard Dickinson are very proud." says Andrew Dickinson, "Being involved from an early stage, working closely with the client and their architect, meant we were able to advise and specify on the systems we were proposing and how they could best be deployed without detracting from the architect's vision."

"The home is a great example of how great contemporary design can work in harmony and still be a family home. This most definitely isn't just a showpiece, this is somewhere for the whole family to live - light, sound and vision all controlled effortlessly and able to enjoy this wonderful space they have created."