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Fulwood Showroom Cinema

After focusing for so long on our client's installations, we decided it was time to upgrade the cinema at the Bernard Dickinson Fulwood showroom - after all, how else to better showcase the great work we can do?

Anyone who has visited us on Beech Drive in Fulwood will know that the space in question towards the rear of the showroom isn't the biggest area, but that is all the more reason to utilise this for the custom install cinema.

Measuring just 5.3m x 3.8m it is comparable to a typical garage, perhaps a spare bedroom or your average living room. By installing a bespoke cinema helps us show that you don't need a massive space in your home to achieve the full big screen experience.

The screen itself is by Screen Excellence, the Suffolk-based manufacturer of the highest quality acoustically transparent projection screens or high-end home cinema. It is a fixed screen, but we have also included a motorised retractable screen which drops down from the recess in the ceiling - a popular choice for those who don't want to see the screen when not in use.

Projection is courtesy of the latest Sony Projector, a very compact unit yet which produces incredible 4K images (with four times the resolution of full HD).

For the audio, the cinema is full Dolby Atmos thanks to ARCAM amplification and speakers (ceiling, side walls and behind the screen) from our friends at Artcoustic.

Lutron lighting completes the line-up for our small yet perfectly formed cinema room and, for those who believe that size matters, we invite you to come and visit us to experience it for yourself - we think you'll be pleasantly surprised by the punch this great little cinema room can pack!