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Country Retreat South Lake District

When a client and their architect have endeavored - and most definitely succeeded - to transform an old agricultural structure into a beautiful space, the AV and lighting solutions should match their exacting standards.

There were many options for the Music System, simple and plug in wireless may have been an obvious choice, but the client wanted drama in both its Visual and Acoustic presence. The installation and configuration needed to support the incredible design of the structure around it. BeoSound Shape by Bang & Olufsen, with its infinitely variable shape design and colour choice was chosen; it is quite perfect!

"Even before they approached Bernard Dickinson, our client had undertaken plenty of research into stunningly visual products and Lutron® lighting control so they had a good idea of what they wanted to achieve." says Andrew Dickinson.

In a previous life, the property had been a barn and constructed in the traditional Lakeland stone and exposed timber of this agricultural heartland. The architect's eye retained all the original window openings and the main barn doors, now a superb two-storey space which is bathed in swathes of natural light.

This is a space where sleek lines, contemporary design and high tech juxtapose effortlessly with natural stone and timber, with surfaces that have been weathered over generations. Furniture and furnishings have been carefully selected to sit alongside each other; these aren't the stars of the show, neither is the technology.

This is an 'honest' space, a structure that has seen toil and hard labour over its lifetime and is now a place to relax and the surroundings fully enjoyed.