Artcoustic Loudspeakers

​Artcoustic. Loudspeakers designed to suit you, your home, your style.

Whatever the room and whatever the application, Artcoustic have the the perfect loudspeaker with the perfect appearance to suit your design style.

Artcoustic design loudspeakers to deliver incredible sound quality and dynamics, with sound pressure levels to the standards set by the movie industry. Artcoustic commission artists from around the world and to create exclusive artworks for the Artcoustic Art Gallery. All speaker screens are interchangeable, meaning that you can choose your own personal collection of different prints and change the look of your loudspeakers whenever you like.

The flagship Artcoustic SL loudspeaker range is the result of more than a decade of research and development. It utilises the very latest drive unit and crossover technology, and has been subjected to 3 years of intensive testing and design to deliver a truly ground-breaking loudspeaker range.

The SL range, like the entire Artcoustic loudspeaker product range, is designed to be complimentary and flexible, allowing the right model to be specified for the client's specific application. From small TV-based systems to fully bespoke cinema rooms, as well as commercial installations - anywhere where highest quality sound is required, the Artcoustic SL range performs perfectly.

The Artcoustic Spitfire Series is designed specifically for dedicated home cinemas, with configurations available to suit any room size.

Performance is the same as the Artcoustic SL series, but are more cost effective due to more industrial aesthetics and a more robust finish, lending themselves perfectly to private cinemas where the speakers are hidden from view behind the projector screen.

Together with signature slimline design, the Artcoustic Spitfire Series loudspeakers deliver world class cinema sound without taking up valuable space. For a dedicated cinema, there is nothing else with the performance, dynamics, output, flexibility and practicality that Artcoustic Spitfire Series offer.

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