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Shall we watch something good?

Where do you start when choosing a television? Physical size or sound, wall mounted or floor standing? The starting point must surely be the image quality, the clarity of the picture in front of you. 

Visit the Bernard Dickinson showrooms and you'll see that Bang & Olufsen are our brand of choice when it comes to TV. Make no mistake, our allegiance to the foremost Danish brand is no mere vanity - we truly believe they are one of the most exceptional designers and manufacturers of televisions and have been for decades.

The only way to truly appreciate the stunning performance of the ultra-high definition BeoVision Avant and BeoVision TVs is to experience them for yourself. 

The Bernard Dickinson showrooms are open six days a week, from 9:30am, and one of our team will be happy to arrange a demonstration. 

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The right elements for great experiences.

Creating a stylish, dynamic, ultra-HDTV and truly immersive surround sound set-up is a genuine solution for anyone seeking an amazing AV experience without the need for a dedicated cinema room. 

Large format televisions (such as  the stunning 85" BeoVision Avant) provide a screen that delivers incredible picture quality thanks to direct type LED with 2D local backlight dimming. Combine this with accompanying BeoSound loudspeakers or Artcoustic Spitfire or SL Series, and the whole package is has to be experienced top be believed. 

Wireless speakers mean that the unsightly cables and connectors are all but gone.

And for the movie? Incorporate a ultra 4K HD Kaliedescape server and you can download your own collection of favourite flicks with image reproduction that out-shines many commercial cinemas.

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Bespoke home cinema rooms.

For many, the cinematic experience just wouldn't be complete without a projector bursting to life, beaming it's light onto a dedicated screen for those great blockbuster moments. 4K-HD digital projectors deliver the sharpest image quality and can be ceiling suspended or fitted into a void, revealing themselves only when needed.

Introduce dedicated lighting and blackout shades from Lutron and we're looking at something very special. 

No longer something in the realm of the celebrity or lottery winner, a dedicated cinema room (or snug, man cave, gaming room or just another living room) is something which can be created in most homes and in even quite modest spaces - when was the last time you used your garage or loft apart from storing the Christmas decorations?

Bernard Dickinson have designed and installed many home cinema rooms over recent years. Each bespoke, each unique, each delivered to our client's specification and budget.

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BeoVision Avant. A moving experience.

"The distinctive beauty in the movement of BeoVision Avant is the culmination of 90 years of fearless design and technological innovation." 

Of course we're biased, but we genuinely consider the Avant to be one of the greatest televisions ever created. 

Watch the Avant awake from standby and moving into its optimum position never fails to impress; the image revealing onto the screen epitomising the phrase 'high definition'. 

Even without supplementary loudspeakers, the Avant's built-in sound has been fine tuned to Bang & Olufsen's exacting standards and delivers fabulously faithful reproduction, aided in no small measure by the movement and positioning of the Avant.

Step up to include wireless connection to BeoLab 18 speakers or BeoVox in-wall / ceiling speakers and the effect is breathless.

To find out more about the BeoVision Avant or any of our TV and cinema solutions, please just get in touch and we'll be happy to arrange a consultation meeting with you, either at our showrooms or in your own home.

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BeoVision 11 and BeoVision 14

The latest generation of Bang & Olufsen televisions follow directly in the footsteps of the brand ethos - beautiful design underpinned by incredible technology.

BeoVision 14 is a 4K Ultra HD LED TV featuring a world of connectivity options, integrated access to all your exciting apps and boasting a bigger and more immersive sound than most standalone speaker systems. So much more than just a TV, it really is a focal point for all your home entertainment.

BeoVision 11 integrates all your entertainment needs in one package featuring automatically adjusted, razor-sharp images and custom built, fully active three-way speakers. While BeoVision 11's clean lines may at first seduce the eye, it is when you discover the countless innovations inside its sleek exterior, and the careful attention to every detail that you fall in love.

For a demonstration of the BeoVision 11 or BeoVision 14, contact Bernard Dickinson or call in at our Tarleton or Fulwood showrooms.

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BeoVision Horizon

BeoVision Horizon is a modern 4K UHD screen that gives you total flexibility in terms of placement options, a stellar and forceful sound experience and amazing picture quality automatically adjusted to content and light conditions.

BeoVision Horizon has stripped away anything superfluous. It brings only the essentials and it’s that uncompromising minimalism that makes it blend in and complement any interior, or stand out in prominence if that is your wish.

No matter when you watch or where you watch, your BeoVision Horizon will automatically adapt its images to the content on the LED screen – and the surroundings you’re placed in. 

It’s one thing to see the BeoVision Horizon on a website, it’s a whole other experience to see them in person. Try for yourself at our showrooms in Tarleton and Fulwood, Lancashire.


The breadth and depth of experience within the Bernard Dickinson team extends far beyond what we can convey on our website. Likewise, we've only just illustrated a few headlines about the stunning Bang & Olufsen televisions or the dedicated cinema rooms we can create.