Audio Bernard Dickinson 560X360

Sound that will take you away.

Whether you're tastes are to rock the house or being soothed by a sinfonietta, jumping jazz or laid back blues, we're all moved by the music we love.

When something can touch us so deeply, so it stands to reason that we should strive to enjoy the reproduction as close as possible to the intentions of the artist or composer.

Music should transform a room and those within. It should fill the whole room, every corner, with lossless sound that reaches out and absorbs the listener.

When Bernard Dickinson first started selling radios in the 1950's, it was the joy of music that was his passion. To this day, we still share that same passion and the unrivalled pleasure that can come from music delivered with true high fidelity.

Audio Beo Lab Bernard Dickinson

BeoLab. The sound of Bang & Olufsen.

"If you've never played your favourite music through Bang & Olufsen, you'll find it hard to imagine what you're missing."

It may be a bold statement, yet the iconic and truly innovative Danish company have been producing some of the most ground-breaking speakers and sound systems since 1925. This isn't just manufacture, they call it "the art of acoustic perfection".

Bernard Dickinson have been main B&O dealers for nearly three decades and continue to be a leading authority on these stunning speakers and audio systems. 

The current BeoLab suite of high-end loudspeakers are as stunning in aesthetic design as they are in audio performance. Combine with BeoSound Moment or BeoSound Essence for the winning combination of incredible sound and beautifully simple operation.

The Bernard Dickinson showrooms always has a selection of Bang & Olufsen speakers available for demonstration - we invite you to come and hear for yourself.

Artcoustic Spitfire Bernard Dickinson

Artcoustic. Looking good, sounding great.

Whatever the room and whatever the application, Artcoustic have the the perfect loudspeaker with the perfect appearance to suit your design style.

Artcoustic design loudspeakers to deliver incredible sound quality and dynamics, with sound pressure levels to the standards set by the movie industry. 

The Spitfire Series incorporates speakers designed to perform at the very highest level in home cinemas, with models which can be used in multiple configurations to suit room size and layout.

Artcoustic commission artists from around the world and to create exclusive artworks for the Artcoustic Art Gallery. All speaker screens are interchangeable, meaning that you can choose your own personal collection of different prints and change the look of your loudspeakers whenever you like - sound never looked so good!

See more of the Artcoustic product range and applications >

Audio Beo Play Bernard Dickinson 560X360


"We want to evoke senses, to elevate the experience of listening. Musicians and studio recorders all love the fact that people listen to music in more places, but hate the fact that the quality of the listening experience has been eroded. 

We want to provide the opportunity to experience media in a convenient and easy way but still in outstanding high quality." Henrik Taudorf Laurensen, B&O Play

The BeoPlay product range is designed as stand-alone, high performance audio products with clear and simple operation. Diverse in appearance, united by being beautifully intuitive to use and all delivering excellent high-quality audio experiences.

Discover the BeoPlay range at Bernard Dickinson - from the ultra-portable BeoPlay A1, designed for life on the go, to the iconic BeoPlay A9, a genuine modern classic.


If you're serious about audio or just want to raise the game when it comes to the music that fills your home, then we invite you to come and see what Bernard Dickinson can offer - we like to think you'll be quietly surprised at what you'll find at our showrooms in Fulwood, Lancashire.